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Insurance - Corylus

Corylus is the family of insurance packages and modules from Micrologic UK. With a powerful mix of ready-to-deploy packages and rapid application development a bespoke solution can be constructed that gives your business the edge it deserves.

The starting point for any system is one or more of the three main modules Corylus Claims, Corylus Broking and Corylus Rating. It is these core systems which will form the structural heart of your solution and combine with other smaller but equally powerful modules to fully integrate into your environment and give you exactly the functionality you need. Our technology is scalable from one to one thousand users and is at the forefront of insurance software design. Our data structures are noted for their reliability and integrity and form the basis of a system that draws on established best-practice and proven technique.

New modules are constantly in development allowing us to utilise the full power of the Windows graphical user interface and integrate with other systems such as fax, e-mail and telephony systems.

Corylus Claims is a ready-to-deploy, 32-bit Windows, client-server, claims system that is equally at home on a loss adjuster?s laptop or on the multi-processor server of a busy insurer's call-centre.

The system provides for the management of insurance claims and their associated data. Each claim is attached to a policy and can have multiple claimants, multi-currency financial transactions (reserve, settlement, recovery, fee), attached documents, e-mails, diaried events and accounts. The varying requirements of different users are catered for by the "flexifield" concept, which allows a user-defined set of fields to be attached to the claim based on the class of business.

A fully configurable report generator and bordereau manager, plus integration with Microsoft Word and Excel, make sure that your data can be managed, extracted and presented to suit your needs.

Corylus Rating is a multi-platform rating engine and a set of 32-bit Windows support tools. The rating engine is a standalone system written in pure ANSI C and therefore portable to virtually any operating system. At its heart is a powerful macro language designed to allow the definition of insurance products to a very high-level of complexity. The engine also has native access to industry standard dBase/xBase tables for fast lookups on geographic/validation data. Wrappers allow the engine to function both in a backoffice scenario linked to our Corylus Broking modules or another third-party system or on an Apache or IIS web-server but many other configurations are possible.

The creation and management of product definition files and tables is handled by MRETool, a standalone 32-bit Windows application which allows trained insurance professionals to define and change MRE product files. Definition, testing, versioning, change management and table maintenance are all catered for by this powerful tool.

Corylus Broking is a set of modules which combines with Corylus Rating to form a complete, integrated broking system for general or specialist markets. Generic prospect and policy-centric browse views can be combined with specialist product plug-ins to yield a system that can combine diverse classes in one package. Bordereau and renewal management means that your book of business and client accounting are never neglected.

To find out more about how Corylus can fit your business, and to arrange an onsite demonstration please contact us on

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