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Software and Hardware upgrades
Windows 7
Is your system is running slow? Do you need extra storage space? Do you just want the latest software? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then we can help.

For gamers we can build the most advanced gaming rigs available or just upgrade what you have to get more performance in the latest games. New graphics cards, more memory and CPU upgrades are just some of the services that we can provide.
So if you need a liquid cooled CPU or Windows 7 with 12GB RAM we can help.

Extra storage is what most people need for the ever increasing amounts of music, photos and personal or company data. Adding extra external storage is straightforward, and we always advise on how data should be backed up.
Never should data exist in only one place!

If your old software is not up to it we can upgrade to the latest Windows 7 operating system as well as any applications that require it. We are a Microsoft partner and part of the developer network. We are also authorised by most major application software vendors to resell their products.

For many software options we can provide free alternatives where the functionality is similar or the same.

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01255 871 111
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