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FREE PC or Laptop Healthcheck Worth £47

Only from Your PC Clinic

Micrologic offer a no obligation, seven point free healthcheck for your laptop or PC. All you have to do to claim your free Healthcheck is to print the voucher from here or click on our vouchers button to visit the voucher page for a list of sites to collect a voucher from in the Tendring District. Call to book in your computer and bring it along to our offices in Beaumont. Your computer will be booked in by our friendly staff who will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have.

Our Tests include:

Boot up sequence test:

This test measures the speed the computer boots to the operating systems desktop, taking into account processor speed and type and operating system type and version.

Random Access Memory Configuration Test:

The internal RAM configuration is judged against officially published RAM requirement and our professional experience with real world systems.

Network Activity Test:

Using a combination of a simulated internet environment and packet inspection technology we test for access patterns that are characteristic of MALWARE of all descriptions.

Hard drive Activity Test:

This tests whether or not the hard drive is being accessed excessively during normal operations, which is an indicator of malicious software, inadequate RAM or even an incorrectly configured hard drive interface.

Anti-Malware Software check:

This checks to see if you have optimal protection from a wide range of malicious software.

Windows security/service packs check:

This check’s to see if your windows service packs are up to date.

Windows genuine advantage test:

Confirms the legitimacy of the installed Microsoft operating system licence.

Contact a member of our team today with your needs. Discounts can be offered for multiple Healthchecks.

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