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Connecting Rural Britain to the World

Our services are wide and varied; some of our services include:Mast

Point-to-point Microwave
All licensed frequencies. Private/Public links. POP access. Multi-protocol. Resilience. High Capacity. Link budgeting and planning. Propagation simulation. Path testing.

Wireless Access
Retail, wholesale and community wireless connectivity from building distribution to long-reach hubs. Full design and build service including specification, design, permissions, civils, mechanical and network build and maintenance. 

Local Loop Unbundling
Backhaul and access layer specification, planning, design and build. Integrated copper circuit test capability. CPE management.

Infrastructure Design and Build
Huts, ducts, poles, masts (to our own designs plus bespoke builds) and cabling. Network specification, design and build. Maintenance and fault-finding planning and implementation.

Network and Application Planning
Network traffic analysis. Routing, switching, VPN and MPLS. Network security, network penetration testing. Bottleneck investigation. Application layer planning and design. Client/server and web service design. Bespoke software engineering.

Should you have a particular project in mind please do not hesitate to contact us.


Over the years we've been approached to look at a wide variety of communication systems to provide private or public links. Sometimes these are unique and sometimes they are influenced and/or built on an existing network we have designed or based upon something we have done before.

BarnHere are some projects that we have recently been involved in:

National Backbone Breakout Using Microwave Links
This project derived bandwidth from a pan-European POP and delivered it to a rural area for distribution by various means. The breakout involved IP routing out of the POP and a three-hop microwave chain to deliver bandwidth to 3 mast sites. All project design, project management and civil engineering was carried out by WB-Internet.

Point-to-Multipoint Rural Radio Hub
Using the 5.8GHz Band C Channels a 4W EIRP 802.11a long-reach radio hub was designed and built in rural Essex. Working closely with the manufacturers, 4 APs with specialist sector antennae were deployed with a supporting L2/L3 IP infrastructure. Performance is excellent providing flexible rural broadband up to 25km from the hub.

Rural Office Connectivity
A rural office complex in converted barns could not be served using ADSL or fibre so having been consulted by the owners we connected the 8 office suites via a single drop link to our long-range radio hub using a telegraph pole to blend in better with the landscape and provide all 8 tenants with a cost-effective and high performance symmetric connection to the Internet.

Local Loop UnbundlingMast
Bringing real bandwidth to LLU, WB-Internet pioneered the "flying in" of bandwidth to starved telephone exchanges using a microwave circuit on the roof! Once there a fibre interconnection to an LLU cabinet and Zyxel IES access units delivered blistering DSL services over copper. Years of cumulative telecoms experience within our organisation means that you don't have to put up with the "run of the mill" exchange offering. WB-Internet can design you a LLU solution that really breaks the mould!

Our range of home-grown mast and roof mount solutions mean that we can select, fabricate and install a wide range of mountings for all your antennae requirements. Bespoke solutions are also available and we can undertake to inspect and maintain the solution going forward. Projects have ranged from one-offs to entire network provision.

Point-to-Point High Capacity Microwave
Our expertise means we can bring bandwidth to difficult-to-reach areas. A number of projects using point-to-point microwave have delivered 100Mbps from local POPs to outlying areas.

Taking care of technology has never been easier.

Contact us today to ask us how.

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